How To Sell My Gold

Calculate how much your gold jewelry would be worth if it were to be melted down. You will first need to find the current market price of gold, known as the spot price. You can get the spot price at, but it will be listed as the price per troy ounce (see Resources below). Divide this amount by 31.103 to get the spot price of gold per gram. Then use a digital scale to see how many grams your gold jewelry weighs. You now know what the wholesale melt value of your gold is. Never accept anything lower than this price when you are trying to sell gold jewelry. Sell your gold jewelry to a jewelry store in Boca Raton, Florida. Boca Raton has a number of jewelry stores to choose from. Some of them will buy your jewelry, gold and watch based on the quality, while others will offer to sell your gold jewelry on consignment. The only way to know what you will be offered is to take your gold jewelry into the store where a jeweler can take a look at it.
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